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May 2020

5/26/20 -

Afnic is taking action to control and improve the social impact of its activities

Afnic is incorporating social responsibility into its strategy with the aim of optimising the social, economic and environmental benefits of its core business.

April 2020

4/27/20 -

Press release

COVID-19: The Afnic Foundation is financing new projects to reduce the digital inequalities

Created in 2015 by Afnic, which donates 90% of the profits from .fr to the foundation, the Afnic Foundation for Digital Solidarity supports the development of an inclusive Internet

March 2020

3/31/20 -

Press release

Afnic continues to support VSEs/SMEs: the Foliweb workshops are 100% webinars during the crisis

Afnic is running the Foliweb workshops in webinar format on its platform ré with its partner Neocamino throughout the current crisis.

3/23/20 -

Press release

Covid-19: 10 digital protection measures to maintain a good Internet connection during the crisis

Afnic has issued a reminder of a few basic rules for keeping the Internet running securely and efficiently during the lockdown. We may be on lockdown, but we can all take action.

3/9/20 -

Press release

Digital prevention: Afnic joins the CNIL network ‘Educnum’

Afnic, the association responsible for .fr, has announced that it has joined the CNIL network ‘Educnum’ (a collective for digital education), composed of 70 actors.

3/2/20 -

Afnic publishes its first Gender Equality Index

Afnic has analysed its first Gender Equality Index for 2019. The result? 86/100.

February 2020

2/27/20 -

Press release

.FR reaches an all-time high, with 37.7% market share in France in 2019

.FR domain names have reaffirmed their success with a 3.7% increase in one year

2/3/20 -

Press release

.fr inspires trust among 89% of young people

According to a survey commissioned by Afnic, the association responsible for .fr domain names, the .fr TLD inspires trust among 89% of under 25s.