The State / Afnic agreement on the management of the .fr TLD


In the following months, this page will be regularly updated with information on these agreements.


Further to the decree of 25.06.2012 designating Afnic for a term of 5 years as the Registry for the .fr TLD, an agreement between State and Afnic on the management of the .fr TLD has been posted on-line

The agreement sets out the main commitments of Afnic as the Registry for the .fr namespace, including:


Actions to promote and develop the .fr TLD, materialized by:

  • The establishment of a strategic development plan for the .fr namespace, over 5 years, designed in particular to enhance the reputation and visibility of the .fr TLD;
  • A budget to promote the .fr TLD, representing some 10% of Afnic turnover;
  • The launch before the end of 2013 of the possibility to register domain names with the .fr extension for several years, and to register domain names consisting of one or two characters.

In addition, the prices of domain names with the .fr extension offered by Afnic, which are already 20%  lower than those for the .com TLD, will decrease by at least 5% within the next two years;

Maintaining an optimal quality of service, materialized by:   

  • A monthly scorecard provided on the Afnic website, used to report on the attainment of quality objectives aligned with international best practices;
  • A technical support service, on standby 24/7, to be set up before the end of the year.
  • An annual satisfaction survey of registrars on the quality of AFNIC services.

Measures to ensure maximum levels of security and reliability:

  • A 5-year strategic plan to support the deployment of DNSSEC;
  • An investment representing some 8% of Afnic turnover to acquire hardware and software to help ensure the security and stability of the .fr TLD

In addition, Afnic has undertaken to allocate 10% of its turnover to Research and Development as well as to experience-sharing on an international level.

The launch of a fund to support the development of the Internet:

  • Over and above its investments in security, to the promotion of the .fr TLD and to research & development, Afnic will donate the profits from the .fr namespace to a Support fund for the development of the Internet.
  • The fund’s governance will be independent, its purpose being to finance research initiatives focusing on the development of the Internet;

The value of the overall financial package over the next five years is estimated to be as high as 8 million euros.

The optimization of procedures for settling disputes:


Within the framework of the Syreli dispute resolution system, Afnic will reimburse complainants the sum of 150 euros if the decision is in their favor and create an additional dispute resolution procedure providing for the intervention of third parties will be set up by Afnic, in partnership with WIPO.