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Introduction : The new technical integration guide of March 31st 2017 gather all the additional technical documentation of this page together


Release of December 12th 2016 :


Release of February 15th 2016 :



Documents for the two interfaces



Whois rate-limiting policy (white list)

The limits for Whois requests have been fixed. These values are given as an example and may be changed according to the circumstances and the number of requests on our servers. However the order of magnitude will remain the same if possible. Any change in these values will result in a news bulletin in the operation section (http://www.afnic.fr/operations).


  • The public Whois on port 43: 7200 requests in 24h by IP address.
  •  The Whois dedicated to registrars with registered IP adresses ("White List"): 86400 requests in 24h by IP address. Please note that the limitation mecanisms have been developed based on the "token bucket" algorythm. The returned information will be domain name, holder name, registrar, name server, domain status, anniversary date.

REMINDER: For the registrars that haven't given us their IP addresses, please remember write to the support team support@afnic.fr with the official IP addresses you wish to add in the white-list:
- IP1:
- IP2:
- Customer number:



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