Terms of use

1. Legal information



1. In accordance with the provisions of Articles 6-III and 19 of the French Internet Act (Loi pour la confiance dans l'économie numérique), you are hereby informed that: 


  • This website is published by the French network information centre (Afnic), a non-profit organization registered with the Prefecture of Yvelines under No. 0784012789, having its head office at Immeuble Stephenson, 1 rue Stephenson, 78180 Montigny-le-Bretonneux, email: support@afnic.fr, Telephone +33 (0)1-39-30-83-00, Intracommunity VAT number FR72414757567. 


  • The publishing director of the website www.afnic.fr is Mr. Sartorius, Chairman of Afnic. 


  • The website is hosted by the French network information centre (Afnic), a non-profit organization registered with the Prefecture of Yvelines under No. 0784012789, having its head office at Immeuble Stephenson, 1 rue Stephenson, 78180 Montigny-le-Bretonneux, email: support@afnic.fr, Telephone +33 (0)1-39-30-83-00.



2.  General terms of use



 2.  Users hereby acknowledge they have read these terms and conditions and undertake to respect them. 


3. Users hereby acknowledge they have the skills and resources required to access and use the site. 


4. Users hereby acknowledge they have verified that the IT configuration they use contains no viruses and is in perfect working order.


5. While Afnic makes every effort to provide users with information and tools that are available and have been verified, it cannot be held liable for errors in or the unavailability of features and/or the presence of viruses on its website.


6. The information provided by Afnic is for information purposes only and does not exempt users from further personal investigation.


7. Afnic cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the information available on its website.


8. Afnic makes every effort to ensure the accuracy and truthfulness of the information contained on the website and cannot be held responsible for any damages arising from the use of this site. 


9. Afnic uses reliable sources so that the information accessible on this website is accurate and regularly updated.


10. Afnic reserves the right to remove, alter or amend this website at any time without prior notice.


11. Afnic cannot be held liable for any damages, including damages resulting from the transmission of documents on the Internet.


12. Afnic reserves the right to edit, delete, modify, validate or change, in whole or in part, any content uploaded to the website or posted on it.


13. Accordingly, users hereby acknowledge that they take sole responsibility for using this information.



3. Personal data protection


14. Pursuant to the French Law 78-17 dated 6 January 1978 on Data Processing, Files and Individual Liberties, the website is registered with the French data protection agency, the National Commission for Personal Data Protection. (www.cnil.fr).  


15. Users are hereby informed, in accordance with Article 32 of the Personal Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, that Afnic, as the controller, processes personal data mainly for administrative management purposes of our members and our customers, sending newsletters.


16. The fields marked with an asterisk are required. If no reply is provided or if the information provided is incorrect, Afnic will not be able to process your request.


17. Users are hereby informed that they have the right to access, question and correct these data. If required, they may correct, complete, update, lock or delete their personal data which are incorrect, incomplete, mistaken, outdated or which cannot be legally collected, used or communicated.


18. All these rights can be exercised by notifying Afnic in writing, the letter enclosing a copy of a signed identity document, sent to:




4. Cookies

19. Users are hereby informed that during site visits, one or more cookies may be automatically installed on their browser.

20. Cookies are data blocks that are used to record information about the user’s navigation on the website.

21. Internet browsers may be configured to notify users of the presence of any cookies and, if the users so wish, to refuse them.

22. Users can, if they wish, enable or disable the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on their browser.

23. In general, this setting is found in the “Tools”, “Settings” tab.

24. It is not possible to provide detailed information and updates on setting items that are solely under the exclusive control and authority of the publishers of browser software.

25. By way of information, users can obtain additional information:

  •  from the publishers of their browser on their website;
  • more generally on the CNIL website at www.cnil.fr using the keyword "cookies" in the search engines. 

26. Users are hereby informed that disabling settings of this kind may prevent the use of certain features of the website.

27. Users have all the above-mentioned rights to access, remove and/or modify their personal data communicated by means of cookies in the conditions indicated above.

28. Users are required to comply with the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978 as amended, infringement of which is punishable by law.

29. In Particular, they must refrain from collecting or misusing the personal data which they may or do access, and generally, refrain from any act to collect or misuse data that is liable to infringe upon an individual’s privacy or reputation.

5. Hyperlinks

 30. Afnic cannot be held responsible for access by users through hyperlinks within the website leading to other resources on the network.

31. Afnic hereby declines all and any responsibility for the content of information provided on these resources on the network as a result of activating hyperlinks.

 32. In any event, hyperlinks to the website must be removed on first request by Afnic.


6. Specific terms of use


6.1 Public consultations space


33. The ​​public consultations space is accessible to users without having to register, so that they can be informed and consulted about Afnic projects.


34. To participate in a public consultation, users complete the reply form and send it to the special email address while the consultation is open.


35. Personal data collected during user participation in a public consultation are not and will not be visible on the site or published.  Data in the reply forms are exploited anonymously and are used to produce a summary of the public consultation.


6.2 Rules of conduct


36. For the services of the site that require the creation of an account, users agree to open only one account only.


37. Using, consulting and / or participating in the site is carried out in compliance with the law, copyright, credits and disclaimers. In particular, without this list being exhaustive, users are reminded of the following rules of conduct:


1. Respect of legal and regulatory provisions. Users accept and undertake in particular not to (i) directly or indirectly make, or encourage the making of statements contrary to public order or morality, whether consisting of insults, threats, harassment, discrimination, defamation, racism, pedophilia, pornography, inciting hate or encouraging an illegal activity; (ii) directly or indirectly behave in a criminal manner, such as hacking, spreading viruses, misusing services provided by Afnic in particular for illegal or illicit purposes, identity theft, or sending spam.


2. Respect of the content. While participating in the site, users ensure that any statements, opinions, suggestions, or comments they make relate to the proposed topics, respect intellectual property rights, use only their own personal content (opinions, images, comments, etc.) and do not reproduce the opinions and statements of others, cite all the sources and references used, and check their sources and references prior to use.


38. In principle, users are liable for any damage caused either to Afnic or to third parties via the website and/or Afnic services.


39. Non-compliance by users with the disclaimers and/or the rules of conduct shall entitle Afnic to intervene on its own initiative or on request in order to take any action that may be required.


6.3 User's content


40. Content sent by users as part of public consultations may be freely exploited by Afnic for any purpose. Should intellectual property rights be recognized on such content, user assign, by participating in the public consultation, free of charge and for their entire duration, all the rights to exploit the aforesaid content including in particular the rights of reproduction, adaptation, distribution or use, whether for commercial or non-commercial purposes on any media and by any means.


7. Governing Law


 41. French law is applicable to the rules of both form and substance. The High Court of Versailles has exclusive jurisdiction.